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HainanNet - Thean Hou Temple Kuala Lumpur

About Us

Executive Advisor:Tan Mong Leng   (AMP)

Head:Tan Kai Jong

Assistant Head:Lee Hsiau Yun

Secretary:Wong Siew Chin

Assistant Secretary:Tan Kim Lian

Treasurer:Chow Soo Sin

Assistant Treasurer:Chew Ah Nooi

Cultural Officer:Lim Meng Choo

Assistant Cultural Officer:Tan Boey Lan

Welfare officer:Cheam Swee Lan

Assistant Welfare officer:Lim Lea Kuai

Liaison Officer:Lock Yoong Fong

Assistant Liaison Officer:Han Chee Siew

Recreation Officer:Tan Liang Mooi

AssistantRecreation Officer:Goh Eng Lian

Social Officer:Tan Yuet Kuen

Assistant Social Officer:Foo Tok Siew

Data and Resource Officer:Foo See Chiew

Assistant Data and Resource Officer:Lim Min Fung

Economic Officer:Chuan Tsui Ju

Assistant Economic Officer:Chew Tee Lan

Committee Member:Foo Sen Wah

Committee Member:Chiam Leow Wah

Committee Member:Fook Siew Peng