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Venue:Bo Wei Village Shui Wei Sheng Nian Temple

From left are Foo Yong Tau, Bo Wei Village Shui Wei Sheng Nian Temple Person In Charge Pang Zheng Hai, Tan Eng Peng, Tan Yoke Leong, Wong Liang Yew, Tang Chai Yoong , Bo Wei Village Deputy Village Head Pang Xiao Fei, Hainan Wenchang City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Chairman Fu Xiao Qin, Tan Mong Leng, Lim You Goang and Hoo Suan Hian.

A team from The Selangor and Federal Territory Hainan Association, led by the President Dr. Tang Chai Yoong and comprised eight (8) committee members and two (2) staff members to the Hainan Province, China from 25th October to 1st November 2016.   The purpose of the trip is to find out the original birthplace and history of the Goddess, Shui Wei Sheng Niang.

The team comprised the President Dr. Tang Chai Yoong), Deputy President Madam Tan Mong Leng), 1st Vice President (Mr. Tan Yuk Leong), 3rd Vice President (Mr. Chew Seng Chen), 4th Vice President (Mr. Tan Eng Peng), Secretary General (Mr. Wong Liang Yew), General Council Members (Mr. Foo Yong Tau-Assistant Education Officer), (Mr. Lim You Goang-Ma Zu Culture Research Centre Officer), (Mr. Hoo Suan Hian-Assistant Ma Zu Culture Research Centre Officer), and two staff of the Association, Mr. Chang David-Special Project Executive, and Ms.  Ho Yoke Mui-Assistant Executive Secretary.

This 7-day study tour was warmly received and kindly assisted by theHainan Provincial Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and the Hainan Provincial Federation for Returned Overseas Chinese.  The officers of the above organizations accompanied us to the various places of worships and introduced us to the relevant personnel who have knowledge of the history of the Shui Wei Sheng Niang temples.  Our relationship with the above has been strengthened from this study tour and hopefully would pave the way for future collaborations.

The Hainan Provincial Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office invited our President and Secretary General to a dinner function celebrating the 67th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. The dinner function was hosted by the Hainan Province Government.  This invitation by the Hainan Province Government is considered a very positive response to our mission.

The team called on two universities at Haikou, namely the Hainan University and the Hainan Normal University to find out whether there is any possibility for mutual benefit and collaboration.  The Hainan University is one of the Chinese National Key Universities that has entered the Government of China’s so-called “Project 211”.  The Hainan University also hosted us to a dinner later in the evening. 

During the meeting with the Hainan University’s academicians, its Vice President, Professor Diao Xiao Ping, indicted that the Hainan University could consider granting scholarships to our Malaysian students.  These scholarships as mentioned include the Chinese Government Scholarships, Hainan Provincial Government International Student Scholarships and Hainan University International Student Scholarships.

The President made a request to the Hainan University, that of the 25 Phd. Scholarships available, 1 such Scholarship be given to our Association.  The value of each Phd scholarship is estimated to be worth RMB100,000 (RM62,000).  This Scholarship should be given for the benefit of our members and children.

The team has visited two Shui Wei Sheng Niang temples which were located at Dong Jiao town, Yehai  Bo Wei Village in the Wen Chang County and Ling Kou town, Shui Wei Tian Village in the Ding’an County.  The reason these two temples were chosen for study is because they are well known folk legends of the origins of Shui Wei Sheng Nian.

Unfortunately, the officers and the residents of these two temples were not able to certify that these two temples are the original temples of the Shui Wei Sheng Nian Goddess.  However, from this study we are able to gain much knowledge and experience so that in future this serves as the base for us to continue to study the legend of Shui Wei Sheng Nian Goddess.  This study would enhance our aim to promote Chinese history and culture and set a good example for the other Chinese based NGOs. 

The team also went to visit the Hainan Province Qiong Opera Theatre.  A meeting was held with the theatre’s high-ranking officials, including the Associate Dean (Business Development) Mr. Xing Bao Guan, Associate Dean (Administration) Mr. Ta Shi Nen, Qiong Opera Senior Actor and Intangible Cultural Heritage of China’s Inheritor Mr Liang Jia Liang.   During the discussion, they explained to us the Theatre’s history, activities and goals.  They presented to us several dvds which contained the various Qiong Operas.   These would benefit our local Hainanese operas, which could learn much from them.    

In conclusion, as Shui Wei Sheng Nian is much revered and honored by the Hainanese, research into the authenticity of the original birthplace of Shui Wei Sheng Nian should continue.  Our next study tour is to visit Bangkok, Thailand.  This is because there are many Shui Wei Sheng Nian temples there and these temples are known to be very active and popular.  


Venue:Shui Wei Tian Village Shui Wei Sheng Nian Temple

Tang Chai Yoong(Front row fifth from left) presents “The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars” Anniversary Limited Edition to Shui Wei Tian Village Head Mok She Song(Front row fourth from left).Front row first from right is Chew Seng Chen.

Venue:Hainan University

Hainan University Vice President Professor Diao Xiao Ping(left) presents souvenir to Tang Chai Yoong.

Venue:Hainan Normal University

Tang Chai Yoong(sixth from left)presents “The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars”Anniversary Limited Edition to Hainan Normal University Office of International Cooperation and Exchange Vice Director Geng Juan.From Left are Hainan Normal University Professor Tang Ruo Ling,Hainan Provincial Federation for Returned Oversea Chinese Deputy Chief Division Wang Hong Zhen,Hainan Normal University Publicity and United Work Department Director Huang Pei Yi.

Venue:Hainan Province Qiong Opera Theatre
Xing Bao Guan(third from right)presents souvenir to Tang Chai Yoong(fourty from right).Third from left is Ta Shi Nen.Second from right is Liang Jia Liang.