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It was another historic moment as the Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association (Thean Hou Temple) receiving the Malaysia Book of Records certificate for their “Biggest 3D Paper Cutting Artwork Metal Dog”. The association was endorsed for their effort of creating the huge metal dog called “Tempo”. In fact, this association has successfully garnered 16 Malaysia records, emerging as the only Chinese association which holds the most number of Malaysia records.

The United States Ambassador to Malaysia Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir (Chinese name: Lei Hehua) was invited as the guest of honour at the Spring Festival 2018 Countdown Celebration and Malaysia Book of Records Certificate Presentation Ceremony held on the new year’s eve (Feb 15). She also witnessed the glorious moment of the association receiving the honour from the Malaysia Book of Records.

After removing the metal paper-cutting rooster, the association commenced to wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog by putting up the metal paper-cutting dog, also as a continuation to proliferate the spirit of 24 solar terms of the Spring Festival 2017, the Year of the Rooster.

This huge and appealing metal paper-cutting dog had a height of 3.05 metres, a width of 0.61 metres and a length of 3.05 metres. Its total weight was 520kg, with the huge dog weighing 250kg and the stand base weighing 270kg respectively. Similar to the rooster art piece, it was the creation of Sasaran Arts Association Kuala Selangor which was run on generator power and capable of spinning 360°.   

The huge dog art piece was finally named as “Tempo” following the naming contest held on Facebook at an earlier period.

The Spring Festival 2018 huge metal paper-cutting dog “Tempo” was put up at the space where the rooster art piece was originally placed, together with the other metal paper-cutting art pieces of 11 solar terms i.e. Spring Showers, Vernal Equinox, Corn Rain, Corn Forms, Summer Solstice, Great Heat, Autumnal Equinox, Frost, Light Snow, Winter Solstice and Severe Cold.

The association has achieved two Malaysia Records for the creation of metal paper-cutting art pieces during the Spring Festival 2017, including one for the “Largest Three-dimensional Metal Paper-cutting Rooster” with the size of 3m (length) x 1.2m (width) x 3.7m (height) and another one for the 11 “Largest Three-dimensional Metal Paper-cutting for Solar Terms”. 

 100-foot Bamboo Calligraphic Couplet to Spread the Spirit of moral Integrity

Furthermore, the United States Ambassador to Malaysia Kamala presided over the lighting ceremony of the specially created “100-foot Bamboo Calligraphic Couplet”.

It was a unique artwork created to convey the spirit of moral integrity as a part of the Chinese traditional culture. Two 100-foot bamboo poles were used for the hanging of calligraphic couplet with the similar length of 100 ft. which was written by the famous calligrapher Hew Ching Puah. The couplet with the rhymed lines of “Feng yi zu shi, nian nian you yu” and “Bai chi gan tou, geng jin yi bu” (meaning: “Abundance of wealth and sumptuous feast every year. Achieving greater heights from strength to strength”) was displayed in front of the outdoor stage set up at Thean Hou Temple.   

Bamboo has long become inextricably linked with the Chinese traditional culture. It is indeed a symbol of traditional Chinese values of having no fear in the face of adversity and difficulty, remaining to be honourable with interior modesty and holding on when facing tough situations. It also resembles the integrity in the Chinese traditional culture, further reflecting the characteristics of learning modestly, upholding good principles and spiritual endowment. In fact, the combination of 100-foot couplet and 100-foot bamboo poles perfectly depicted the integrity of the Chinese people.


Two ‘Gods of Wealth’ Gave Out Ang Pows

Thean Hou Temple of the Hainan Association together with Asteri Production Sdn. Bhd. created a collective memorable event ranging from stage performances, market place of the olden days to nostalgic wall mural for all under the theme of “Spring Festival 2018 Our Olden Days”.   

The first program of “Spring Festival 2018 Our Olden Days” kicked off at the night of Feb 15. The visitors were thrilled with the appearance of two ‘gods of wealth’ who were busy spreading wealth and prosperity to them in the hall and outdoor stage respectively.

The grand ceremony to welcoming the ‘god of wealth’ (Cai Shen) was held at 10pm in the hall of Thean Hou Temple, where the ‘god of wealth’ appeared to give out ang pows to the public who participated in the ceremony. On the other hand, another ‘god of wealth’ was assigned to give out ang pows in the ourdoor stage which is located near the Yi Xin Garden of Thean Hou Temple.