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The AGM cum Election as mentioned above shall be held on 24.6.2018 (Sun, 11am) at Thean Hou Temple Hall.

Nomination forms shall be obtained at the Secretariat starting from 22.5.2018 (Mon - Sat, 9am – 5pm) and hand delivered to the Secretariat after completion not later than 9.6.2018 (Sat, 1pm).

The polling station at Thean Hou Temple Hall shall be open for two days i.e. 23.6.2018 (Sat, 8am – 9pm) and 24.6.2018 (Sun, 8am – 11am).

Kindly bring along ICs and attend the AGM/Election in person. Each eligible member shall have the right to vote and cast a ballot.

Motions or enquiries about the Annual Report or Financial Report shall be in writing and submitted to the Secretariat not later than 9.6.2018 (Sat, 1pm).

Thank you.