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Annual General Meeting 2018 Resolution

1.Fully support the government’ effort in combatting corruption and malpractices, especially the investigation of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and related matters.

Rationale:According to the Transparency International's (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2017. Malaysia ranked 62nd among 180 countries  declining 7 positions from the 55th position in 2016. We urge the new government to implement more anti-corruption measures in order to improve our ranking in the ‘Corruption Perceptions Index and increase the peoples’ confidence in the government.


2. Urging the government to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) soonest possible, and accept Unified Examination Certificate as one of the qualifications for admission into public universities.

Rationale: Private secondary schools are an integral part of the national education system. Though the years, they have been produced a large talent pool contributing to the economy. We hope that the government will not continue to disregard the role and existence of private secondary schools and the fact that they have nurtured significant talents for our nation. Unified Examination Certificate should be recognised soonest and the right qualification be acceptable as admission into public universities.


3. Urging the government to treat all types of schools fairly and to allocate funds to Chinese vernacular schools, national secondary schools and private secondary schools institutionalize, and to build more Chinese vernacular schools according to the needs of the locality.

Rationale :Having reviewed the national budget throughout the years, it’s apparent that the funds allocation to the vernacular schools have not been fair, and a number of schools had even been neglected completely. This has seriously affected the administration and running of the schools. As such, we urge the government to implement a systematic approach in fund allocation and to adopt a fair and reasonable approach in distributing the country’s resources to all schools and to build new schools according to the needs of the localities.


4. Urging the government to allocate religious grants to non-Islam religion as well, so that the interest of all religion in Malaysia are protected and taken care of.

Rationale: Though the official religion of Malaysia is Islam, this is still a multi-religious country; therefore all other religion should enjoy equal status and not be marginalised. Therefore, we urge the federal government to allocate grants to other non-Islam bodies such as temples, religious organisations on a systematic manner to protect and take care of their interest as well.


5. Urging the government to safeguard the interests of all races, cultures and religion and to curtail race and religion extremism.

Rationale: Our multi-ethnic and multi-religious society represent a unique Malaysian culture. This uniqueness must not be destroyed or disrupted by those with ulterior motives. As extremism is brewing in our nation, we urge the Federal government pay attention and eradicate this in order to preserve racial harmony and be just.


6. Urging the government to amend the Federal constitution to bring back local government elections. Return power to the people so that local governments can be efficient and well represented.

Rationale: Local government elections begun in the year 1951 during the British colonisation. When Malaysia was formed in 1965, the local government elections were abolished due to the conflict between Malaysia and Indonesia. This resulted in appointment of local councillors that lack accountability. In other words, taxpayers are not able to influence the planning and development of local areas. This has caused grave injustice. Therefore, we urge the Federal and State governments to revert to local government elections and return the power of the ballot paper to the people.