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The Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Hainan Association’s Thean Hou Temple worships Mazu as the main deity. It is also an important organisation that promotes the Mazu culture in the country. In order to further manifest Mazu’s core values of ‘morality, benevolence and compassion’, the temple is reviving its ‘Shennong Medicinal Garden’ by planting hundreds of Chinese medicinal herbs to reflect Mazu’s great compassion in treating the needy with herbal medicines.

The ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’ was renamed ‘Shennong Medicinal Garden’ in the recent launch of Mazu International Tourism Festival held in October this year. MP for Bukit Bintang Fong Kui Lun was the guest of honour for the launch.

The association employs expert gardeners to plant hundreds of beautiful herbs with medicinal properties at the ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’. These include rubiaceae, melastomataceae, acanthaceae, lonicerae, asteraceae etc with the focus on cultivating local tropical herbs to realise the intrinsic value of ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’.

At the same time, the incubators for local herbs education, Chinese physicians Lim Tien Ming and Haw Ming Hock were also appointed to identify the herbs at ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’. The duo possesses great experience in teaching and has led student into the natives living habitat and tropical forest numerous times to gather herbs in the wild and to compile information on tropical herbs and their usages.

In order to enable visitors to gain thorough understanding on the herbs in ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’, there are signages erected beside the plants, with indication o f its scientific name, plant properties and its medical effects.

Further, in order to present pleasant scenery, besides creating a good environment, quality of the herbal plants must also be taken care of. Therefore, only organic fertiliser will be used, so that nutrients such as nitrogen, barium and potassium can be absorbed completely and that the plants will grow healthily.

Since the opening of ‘Chinese Medicinal Garden’, the public have been calling in to enquire for information. However, the garden is currently open from 9am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The public can visit the garden for free. 
We welcome herb enthusiasts, medical students and tourists alike to embark on this herbal journey. Kindly call 03-2274 7088 for enquiry.