2021 Lunar New Year Online Press Conference(Press Release 2/2/2021)

Preserving Chinese culture amidst the pandemic Turning over a ‘Niu’ leaf in 2021! In the past year, our country, as well as the world at large have been plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, The Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association (Thean Hou Temple) persists in its principle to promote Chinese culture by initiating our new year production. The theme for this Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) is entitled ‘Turning over a Niu Leaf’. The theme ‘Turning Over a Niu leaf’encompasses the meaning of dispelling the unfortunate rat; enhancing resources and longevity; welcoming the prosperous ox; enriching the nation with wealth and health.’ This construction is endowed with a great deal of country and idyllic sceneries. In conjunction with the year of ox, we are reviving the rare Chinese tradition of ‘Whipping the Spring’. 1600 sq. ft. of artificial yellow paddy field symbolises a good harvest. There is a rustic attap house, 2 buffalos and a farmer – all within a 43’ x 15’ backdrop of peaceful farm basked in morning sunlight. Amidst the panoramic vista, the dreamy, breathtaking beauty of the kampung is an unmissable spot for terrific photo shoots. ‘Whipping the Spring’is also known as whipping the spring ox or welcoming the spring ox. In olden days, on the Lichun day or spring season, villagers would whip the buffalo, signifying the beginning of spring ploughing and wished for good harvest. In the process of whipping, the chanting goes: first whip for fine weather; second whip for fertilised soil; third whip for an auspicious beginning; fourth whip for wholesome 4 seasons; fifth whip for a good harvest and the sixth whip for all-rounded exuberance. These six whips shall enable you to experience the cheer and meaning of spring ox. It also means whipping away bad luck and sorrows in welcoming a wonderful life. The production is a long-term structure. Even if the public are not able to pay a visit during new year as a result of the pandemic, they can visit and appreciate it at later stages after the pandemic. With the great support of devotees, we are able to add on a brand-new copper-carved hanging incense burner besides refurbishing the wing rooms on the east and west. The newly added embellishments effectively transformed it into a small new temple. Due to the pandemic, we have to cancel many conventional activities, including indoor and outdoor stage performances, lion dance and fireworks countdown on New Year’s Eve. Other activities such as ‘warmth amidst society’ charity drive, spring festival massive gathering, calligraphy competition and the ‘evening of the elderly´ will be conducted online or by visiting them on a later date to deliver the gifts. The much-awaited ceremony of welcoming the god of prosperity will be replaced by cleansing and chanting of sutra by the masters in the main temple. It will broadcast live on Facebook. Subsequently on the 15th day Chap Goh Mei the masters will conduct chanting session and cleansing various attractions at Thean Hou Temple. The blessing series in previous years related to EmperorWenchang, Medicine Buddha, Well-wishing Guanyin, Matchmaking Yuelao and Fate-transforming bridge are all cancelled due to the pandemic. There will be no relevant gifts. However, blessed gifts related to the welcoming of god of prosperity and lamp-lighting will be conducted as usual. Devotees can obtain more information by signing up our Facebook page and website. Although we are unable to visit Thean Hou Temple during this Chinese new year, the pandemic will certainly come to an end. Besides the ´Turning over a Niu Leaf´ theme production, other sceneries at Thean Hou Temple such as the 24-Solar-Term Iron Paper-cutting Display Zone, sculptures of the 24 filial piety, 12-zodiac Park,Chinese Chess “Xiang Qi” Strategic Culture, Rainbow Sky Ladder and Chinese Herbs Garden remain ideal spots for photo shoots. We strongly believe if everyone stays at home to counter the pandemic, we shall win over the pandemic in the near future. When the time comes, let’s make a date at Thean Hou Temple. See you there! For more information, please check out at our FB:https://www.facebook.com/theanhoutemple ,website: www.hainannet.com.my or IG: theanhoutemple_kl