Auspicious Light Blessing

In conjunction with different festivals, Thean Hou Temple is open to devotees to pray for blessings.

Devotees are welcome to make offerings, pray for blessings, and fulfill wishes, with good fortune and peace.

For more information about making offerings and blessing, please contact Thean Hou Temple staffs at 03-22747088.

Auspicious light

LED Light Tower  |  Open: all year round

农历新年光明灯 Chinese New Year Lantern

Red Lantern (Plastic)|  Open: Chinese New Year

妈祖千秋宝诞 (妈祖祈福灯)

Yellow Lantern (Plastic)|  Open: Lunar Calendar (March 23rd)


油杯灯  |  开放: 农历二月十九

卫塞节庆典 (吉祥心灯/如意心灯/慈慧心灯)

油杯灯 |  开放: 农历四月十五


油杯灯 |  开放:农历六月十九


蜡烛(许愿烛)  |  开放: 农历九月初九

Shui Wei Auspicious Light Offering

油杯灯 |  开放:农历十月十五