Thean Hou Temple Marriage Registry

Information On Registration Of Marriage

Information On Registration Of Marriage

Marriage registration is a five-step procedure as follows (*Note: Step 1, 2 & 3 can be done on the same day):

Step 1: JPN.KC01F Form
(at JPN)

Step 2: Declaration
(Commissioner of Oath)

Step 3:JPN Verification
(at JPN)

Step 4: Submission of Application
(At Thean Hou Temple)

Step 5: Registration of Marriage
(At Thean Hou Temple)

Step 1: JPN.KC01F Form (at JPN) 
  1. Applicants are required to obtain marital registration form (JPN.KC01F) from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN).
    The couple must:
    1.1 Completely fill the application form
    1.2 Bring original I.C. / My Kad and one passport-size colored photograph for each applicant
    Click to View Sample Of JPN.KC01F Form
Step 2 : Declaration (Commissioner of Oath)
    1. After filling the application form, the couple shall make a Statutory Declaration with any of Commissioner of Oaths. All expenses relating to the oath declaration are to be borne by the couples.
    2. Statutory Declaration and JPN Verification can only be carried out during working weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday.
    3. Any married person regardless of male or female is barred from marrying another person while his/her subsisting marriage is valid or his/her spouse is still alive, otherwise he/she is found to have committed a crime i.e. Bigamy.
Step 3 : JPN Verification (at JPN)
  1. The couple is required to go in person to submit all completed application forms to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara(JPN) during working weekdays for verification before the Registration of Marriage could be carried out.
  2. Booking for ROM could ONLY be accepted/arranged subject to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara’s (JPN) approval.
Step 4: Submission of Application (At Thean Hou Temple)
  1. During submission to Thean Hou Temple, must bring along the following documents :
    1.1   1 photocopy of I.C. / My Kad (for both couples)
    1.2   1 photocopy of Birth Certificate (for both couples)
    1.3   1 photocopy of I.C /My Kad from each of the 2 witnesses
    1.4   For divorcee, 1 photocopy of Decree Absolute (Divorce Certificate)
    1.5   For widower/widow, 1 photocopy of the Death Certificate of the deceased spouse and previous Marriage Certificate
    1.6   Should any of the applicant had child/children before any lawfully marriage, must attach 2 photocopies of Letter of Declaration (Surat Akuan) and 1 copy of the relevant birth certificate
  2. Photocopies of I/C must be on the same A4 size paper as shown below.
  3. Witnesses must be Malaysian Citizen above 21 years old. They are not required to be present during the submission of application.
  4. The following person’s consent must be obtained (JPN.KC01B) if the applicants are below 21 but above 18 years old:
    4.1   Of his or her parents or guardian; or
    4.2   If the person is illegitimate or his or her father is dead, of his or her mother; or
    4.3   If the person is an adopted child, of his or her adopted father, or if the adopted father is dead, of his or her adopted mother; or
    4.4  If both his or her parents (natural or adopted) are dead, of the person standing in loco parentis to him or her before he or she attains that age;
    4.5  Court order.
  5. For army/ policeman, approval letter from Commander/ Head of Department must be produced.
  6. At least one of the applicants must be a Buddhist.
  7. Applications from foreigners or Malaysians who have registered abroad or have carried out traditional weddings before 01 March 1982 are not accepted in Thean Hou Temple.
  8. Registration date shall be fixed at least 10 days after the date of submission but must not exceed 3 months, subject to date available.
  9. Fees are payable upon submission. Fee collected is not refundable.
  10. The application will be deemed invalid if a couple fails to turn up to register within 6 months (from the declaration date certified by the commissioner of oath) after submission. If the date is missed, the couple is required to re-apply and repay all fees.

Step 5: Registration of Marriage (At Thean Hou Temple)

  1. The couple and the 2 witnesses must be present and bring along the following original documents:
    Original Identity Cards (MyKad)
  2. Registration of Marriage may not be carried out without the original Identity card.
  3. Formal dress code: The couple, witnesses and friends must dress neatly. T-shirt, jeans, short pants and slippers are not allowed.
  4. Time for registration is set by our Marriage Registration Department. Late comers will not be entertained.
  5. Switch off hand phones to avoid disturbances during the registration.
  6. The couple and the witnesses are allowed to bring in their own cameras, flowers or rings during the ceremony.
  7. The marriage ceremony is completed once the couple received their Marriage Certificates.
Information On Registration Of Marriage
Thean Hou Temple Marriage Registry Operating Hour

Submission Of Application:
Monday to Sunday
8:30am – 5.00pm
Public Holiday: Close

Registration Of Marriage:
Monday to Sunday(7 days)
Registration (public holiday) only available on New Year, Wesak Day, Christmas Day

Any enquiries, please contact us during office hour
8:30am – 5.00pm
03-2273 9419