Introduction Of SJKC Chiao Nan

SJKC Chiao Nan, a Chinese primary school was founded in 1917 by the sages of Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association (Thean Hou Temple) (formerly known as Selangor Qiongzhou Association). Initially, it was a night school set up in upstairs of a shop lot located at Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. The aim of the school is to provide an ideal learning environment for Hainanese children. There were only 5 students in those days.

In the following year, the school was shifted to Selangor Qiongzhou Association building located at Jalan Sultan, and three years later, in 1921, it was officially registered. The number of students increased to more than 100 during that time.

In 1941, the school was forced to close due to the outbreaks of Japanese invasion to the South region. However, it was resumed in 1945 and its day school was established since then. The number of students increased to more than 300. In view of the number of student increased year by year and the school buildings are not enough for the usage, thus Selangor Qiongzhou Association decided to expand the school buildings. However, the government regulations did not allow private houses to be used as school buildings during that time, so the Association had to find another way out.

The Association held the Qiongqiao Conference in 1954 to discuss the relocation of the school, and a school building committee was set up. At that time, Yiyouxuan club(transliteration) donated a piece of land to support the school building plan, but due to the space is  confined, the Association had to resell it at RM28,000 and used the fund for the school building project.

In 1955, the school building committee was re-established, and the current school site (Pahang Road) was acquired at priced RM75,000. The original building was repaired and converted into a school building. The following year, Mr. Long Chenquan(transliteration)was appointed as the principal, and the school was officially opened.

In 1957, 14 classrooms were completed built. Three years later, the new school building was officially launched by the then Selangor Chief Minister, honourable Abu Bakar.

In 1988, there were two old school buildings declared as condemned buildings. Coupled with the number of students was doubling and the existing school buildings were not enough to cater the education needs. Thus, the Board of Directors, Parent & Teacher Association and Alumni associations were started fund-raising campaigns for the school expansion project and received enthusiastic donations from the public. In 1993, a new 4-storey school building (consisted of 12 classrooms and auditorium) was completed built.

From 1993 to 1995, the renovation project of the administrative building consisted of canteen, special activities room and 7 classrooms was completed. In addition, two double-storey slabs were also demolished for the rebuilding plan of library, computer room, science lab, audio-visual room, etc.  At that time, the Batu District Member of Parliament Dato Joseph Chong Chek Ah had donated RM100,000 for the school building fund.

In 1999, the construction works on the top floor (fifth floor) of the new school building was began. The next year, the school authority hosted a fund-raising activity namely ‘Chiao Nan Walkaton” for the purpose to enhance its physical facilities. In 2000, the fifth floor of the school building was opened for usage.

In 2001, the school authority organized Ten of Charity Performances to raise funds for the third phase of school building plan consisted of an administrative building and L-shaped classrooms building, which had gained the favorable support from the generous donors of the communities. The construction was completed in end of 2002 and officially launched in 2003. Meantime, the information center of the school was expanded to cope with the advent of computer technology.

In the same year, the school began to raise funds for the fourth phase of construction plan to build 16 additional classrooms, a multi-purpose auditorium, and rebuilt the canteen as well.

In 2004, the school authority made application to the government to secure the area behind the school used as student’s activity space. Meantime, the fourth phase of the school building plan was approved by the government. A numbers of fund-raising charity performances and charity bazaars were carried out in the following year.

In 2008, the school grass field was built behind the school. The then Chairman of the school Datuk Heng Fook Shing had resigned, and his post was succeeded by Wing Hong How.

In 2009, the grass field facility was completed and put into use. In 2010, the administration building, library and meeting room were repaired and painted.

In 2011, new office desks and chairs, curtain cloth and library floor tiles were facilitated.

From 2012 to 2013, 4 digital classrooms were set up. In addition, the school administration building, library, and meeting rooms were repaired and painting. At the same time, 6 additional of computers had been equipped in the teachers’ office.

In 2014, the “Dream Comes True” project was implemented which 7 classrooms were upgraded to digital classrooms, and 34 computers were equipped in the Information and Communication Technology classrooms.

In 2016, the new auditorium has been put into used, and the Allschools system was implemented to convey announcements and homework information to the parents. Moreover, 6 digital classrooms were upgraded, and 1 homework supervision class was also equipped with digital boards.

In 2017, in conjunction with Chiao Nan’s 100th anniversary, an unprecedentedly Grand Centennial Carnival was held.  The series of celebration activities included the soft opening of the Historical Corridor, and a teaching seminar were held on November 4, and the Torch Walk on November 12, with about 500 people departed from Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association (Thean Hou Temple) to Chiao Nan Primary School in order to take part the foods and culture festival, followed by Banquet of Thousand People which were held on that day.

In order to commemorate this century historical moment, 100 of Chiao Nan’s students specially made the KOLAM school badge, which set the Malaysian record namely “Primary school students produced the most school badges with rice-painted ground paintings”.

The 100 students are composed of three ethnic groups, and they managed to produce 100 pieces of 100CM X 100CM school badges. In addition to embodying the spirit of Malaysia, the cultures of all ethnic groups are integrated as one. They also described fully the courageous, united, and integrated spirits of the Chiao Nan Primary school.

In order to keep this precious moment, the Organizing Committee for the Centennial Anniversary of the Chiao Nan Primary School has published the “Special Issue of Kuala Lumpur Chiao Nan Primary School Centenary Anniversary “, which recorded the contributions and sacrifices given by the pioneers and enthusiastic people from Hainan Community for the development of Chiao Nan Primary School. The ruggedness is not easy to come by and the journey of the school establishment is all recorded in this special issue.

In 2018, Chiao Nan Primary School was selected by the Ministry of Education as a pilot school of the Transformation School Program 3.0, which adopted six core values to explore students’ potential and shape their outstanding.

On June 16, 2019, the 21st Century Classroom of Chiao Nan Primary School, Kuala Lumpur was launched. The school authority worked together with the Education Department officials to promote the reformation of pedagogy in 21st century, towards the 6C core competencies (Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Citizenship, Characteristic) which caters the requirement of of social transformation.