Membership Policy & Application Form


1) Qualification:

a) A Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent, of minimum age l6 years old and of good character, residing either in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan or in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, and who is willing to unconditionally observe and follow the Rules and Regulations of the Association, shall be eligible to apply as a member (Life). However, a member below the qualifying age of 2l years shall not be eligible for nomination/election as a member of the General Council of the Association.

b) No university or college student shall be admitted as member of the Association without the prior written approval of the Vice Chancellor of the university or college concerned.

2) Procedures for application of membership and the documents needed:

a) Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed Application Form as may be determined by the General Council from time to time. The application must be proposed by an existing member and seconded by another existing member.

b) A photocopy of identity card. (Both sides)

c) A passport-size color photos.

3) Entrance fee: RM50.00 (once only).

4) Upon receiving the Association’s written notification for an interview, the applicant is required to bring along his or her identity card while attending the interview on the designated date and time held at the Association’s premises. Failure to attend shall be regarded as withdrawal from the application on the applicant’s own accord.

5) All applications are subject to the consideration of the General Council.

6) The General Council shall not be bound to assign any reason for the rejection of any application.

7) Both the proposing and seconding members acknowledge that they recognize and understand the applicant as an individual who meets the qualification as stipulated in the Rules and Regulations of the Association pertaining to membership application, or they shall be held liable for legal actions against misinterpretation.

8) Application forms carrying incomplete information shall not be processed.

9) In the event the General Council rejects an application, the entrance fee paid by the applicant shall be fully refunded.

Note: The applicant is advised to read carefully the detailed information printed on the application form before duly completing it in Chinese and/or English. Please refer to the secretariat of the Association for all queries on completing the application form.