CNY 2023 Celebration

Press Release (13.01.2023)

Lunar New Year Theme Launching and Red Lantern Lighting Up Ceremony

In order to welcome the lively and prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, Thean Hou Temple of Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association has crafted precisely  a “Harmonious Family” of Auspicious Rabbit Theme Park, which is a symbolic of  greater achievement wishes in the new year, besides washing away the bad luck of the pandemic, and wishing everyone would be delighted and rejoiced !

The theme of this Lunar New Year is “Harmonious Family”  in responding to the aspiration of the government and peoples, and to create an atmosphere of  harmonious relation among our nation, social and families.

The sculptures design in the “Harmonious Family” of Auspicious Rabbit Theme Park are including a pair of 7-foot-high golden statues of giant rabbits holding imitate gold coins for “bringing wealth and treasure”, and an overflowing cornucopia. The backdrop is 16 feet high and painted with Chinese New Year paintings. In front of the two giant rabbits, there are sculptures of six small cutie rabbits, each of which is 3 feet high, and each have different shape, posture and specific named Fortune Rabbit, Peaceful Rabbit, Blessing Rabbit, Spring Rabbit, Wealth Rabbit, and Happy Rabbit, all of them implied with joy and good luck.

The launching of 2023 Lunar New Year Auspicious Rabbit Theme Park cum Red Lantern Lighting Up Ceremony is scheduled on January 13, 2023 (Friday) 6:30pm at The Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association (Thean Hou Temple).

After launching the ceremony of the Lunar New Year Theme Park, the guests will be invited go forward to Thean Hou Temple archway for launch the Red Lanterns Lighting Up Ceremony.  In an instant, the 6,000 red lanterns illuminate the night sky, beaming with joyful.

Apart from the raging pandemic period in the past two years, in every Lunar New Year, the Thean Hou Temple of our Association will organize a variety of Spring Festival celebrations and events. In the sixteen consecutive days starting from New Year’s Eve, the events are vivid, brilliant, and exciting.

Continuing the consistent tradition, Thean Hou Temple provides a platform for devotees to light up the Spring Festival lanterns, wishing good health and good luck for themselves and families.  Moreover, series of blessing events for the devotees pray to the God of Wealth, Wenchang God (God of Scholars), Yue Lao God (God of Marriage), and Buddha Medicine God (God of Healthy)  , Guanyin Goddess,  Luck Changing Bridge, monastic monks sprinkling blessings, New Year blessings, etc. are in place, so that the believers could sincerely pray for blessings and fulfill their wishes.

Around 10pm on New Year’s Eve, the ceremony of receiving the God of Wealth will be held in the Grand Hall of Thean Hou Temple, and the monastic monks will give sprinkled blessings to the believers.  At the same time, the New Year’s Eve Countdown Celebration on the outdoor stage will be started with a Chinese orchestra performance presented by the Hainan Art Troupe, followed by a superb harmonica performance. In addition, local young singers Ash Lu and Nick Kung will sing up Chinese New Year songs. Until midnight, the CNY Organizing Committee of the Association and the guests will be led by the God of Wealth to launch count down to the Lunar New Year, and watching amazing fireworks for five minutes, which is officially kicking off the Lunar Year of the Auspicious Rabbit.

From the first day of the Lunar New Year to the fifteenth day of the Lunar New Year, quite a number of cultural events will be performed by the Hainan Art Troupe, Women Section and Senior Member Section of the Association.  In addition, the external cultural groups are also invited to present a variety of special programs for the Spring Festival. The events including Hainanese Tiger Dance Performances, magic show, various singing and dancing performance.

Mass Greeting of CNY will be held on the morning of the second day of the Lunar New Year to invite Hainan clans’ community and the public come to pay New Year greetings to each other, distribute & receive angpow and enjoy New Year tea time. Moreover, Filial Dinner will be held on CNY 7th, and Gala dinner with Chinese associations will be held on 14th .

On the occasion of celebrating the Lunar New Year, the Association will never forget to care for poor and needy community. As in previous years, it will hold charity dinner for old folks’ home and orphanage home to enjoy New Year cuisines, receive ang pow and enjoy stage performances for them to share the joyful atmosphere during Chinese New Year.

On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year celebration, an event themed “Celebrating  Lantern Festival full of joy”,  the programs are including Acrobatic Lion Dance performance, the 24 festive drum, singing and dancing performances, and red hydrangea throwing for good fate, will be performed on the outdoor  stage. Once again, a five-minute of brilliant fireworks will draw a beautiful ending to this Spring Festival celebration.

On the other hand, In conjunction to the Chinese New Year, the National Calligraphy Competition will be held on February 19, allowing calligraphy lovers to gather and  learn from each others. Another event is the International Seniors Gala Dinner and Social Dancing on February 25, which is a popular event among the senior  community.

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